Tips for Keeping Moving Costs Low

It can be stressful to move. One of the most stressful factors is usually the cost associated with moving. The process of gathering quotes and sorting them out only to discover the uncertainty and the huge price is a bit extremely stressful to be honest. To ease some of the stress, we’ve collated the top five low-cost moving companies and listed them on this page.

To be included in our rankings, every firm had to meet stringent requirements. These requirements, including things like free refunds, upfront prices and cancellations were created to make sure that every contender is being a trustworthy and mindful company that still maintains reasonable costs.

What Affects Moving Costs?

The price of your move is contingent on a number of variables, such as the amount of stuff you own and how far you need to transport it, the date it’s moving to another location, what your moving service will cover and much more. Making sure you have enough time to plan for your move and estimate costs will help you save on costs in the long term.

Size of Your Move

The quantity of furniture you own can greatly impact the cost of moving. Not only will your move take longer if there are many belongings, but your shipping will be more heavy and more expensive.

How Far You’re Going

Local moves are usually done at a minimal cost however, when you’re making a move across nation and require travel expenses like gas accommodation, food and lodging have to be included in your budget and also the cost of labor for your removalists.

Time of Year

The time of year you consider is important, as prices aren’t the same all year. March, April, and early May are regarded as low-cost months due to the fact that the population is lower however, the period from late May through October (all in summer in essence) is the most popular time to move. This is why it’s not suitable for budget-friendly moves.

Winter can be an expensive time to relocate, depending on the location you’re going. In the case of moving to Colorado in the middle of winter can mean a risk of adverse weather conditions which means the cost could be higher.


If you need storage space, some companies might offer storage at free (at minimum for a limited amount in time). However, if you’re using an unrelated moving company offer storage services, ensure that you factor in storage expenses into the estimation. Costs will only increase when you have more possessions that you’ll need to keep.

Consider the cost of storage when you’re planning to move across the country and anticipate that you’ll have to store your possessions in a different storage facility. Set up your plans in advance so that you don’t have to be scrambling.

Moving Supplies

Certain moving companies provide moving supplies at a reduced cost or free. However, if they don’t then you’ll need to purchase boxes and tape, bubble wrap and much more.

Basic Liability and Full Coverage Protection

Every long-distance moving (and some local relocation’s) it is essential to have liability insurance is mandatory. In fact, liability coverage of basic level is mandatory under the federal government. It is possible to get full protection from liability, which might be a better option for those with expensive belongings and furniture.

Whatever the case, it’s important to select a level of security for your belongings. It’s impossible to predict what may get damaged or broken or even get lost in the moving process. The moving company you select usually has a variety of insurance options, but it’s your responsibility to locate the top national moving firms and the best the best options for you.

Tip: If you purchase the full protection insurance through your moving company You probably don’t have to buy additional insurance from a third-party.

Packing Services

Although adding packing services may help make moving more efficient and stress-free do not underestimate the significant increase in the cost. While some moving companies provide packing services free with their services however, most don’t.

Tips for Keeping Moving Costs Low

Start Early

The earlier you start asking for moving estimates and determining how much you can afford, the better choices you’ll have for moving companies. For the majority of moves, it’s best to schedule two months in advance or 8 weeks starting from the date of your moving. Movers of good quality are more likely to be unavailable at last minute It’s wise to take your time with this one and also schedule your preferred company earlier than later.

Research and Get Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Don’t just look up larger companies, but seek out recommendations from others who are in your local and friends groups. They could have knowledge of any discounts or particular experiences that will help locate the perfect moving firm.

Compare Quotes

Always get at least three estimates from three different firms so you will have an idea of the average costs for the type of move.

Get Rid of Extra Furniture and Belongings

As we’ve mentioned that moving can cost more based on the amount of stuff you own. Reduce costs by selling furniture and other items that aren’t essential. The less space you fill up in the mover the less the cost of moving.

Find out Where to Get Free Moving Boxes and Supplies

It is possible to locate some moving items at free in local stores and large chains located in town offices, schools, or at the local library.

Look for Discounts

You could be able to reduce the cost of your moving by obtaining discounts, based on the firm you choose to use. If, for instance, you’re an AAA membership, Atlas Van Lines provides great discounts that can make adding ons such as packing services feasible.

Choose the Right Time to Move (If Possible)

The scheduling of a move in high-demand seasons (the warm months in the majority of areas) as opposed to non-peak seasons can result in more expensive costs. Moving during the weekend will almost always be more expensive that moving in the middle of the week. If you are flexible, you stand an increased chance of conserving money.