Unique Passive Income Ideas

If you’re looking to earn extra money. This is the best spot to begin. I’ve looked at the entire industry of passive income and tried several of these strategies myself. Therefore, you can be certain that they’re all an effective strategy.

If you’re not aware of what passive income actually means it’s basically something that earns you money when you’re sleeping. Also, this is not a full-time job during the hours of 9-5.

To earn passive income, first you need to start putting something into it the first place, and then it will start to earn money. To start earning money from Medium, you’ll need to write a few articles. We’ll get into it a further about it!

I’m sure everyone is exhausted of hearing the same repeated repeatedly. I tried to make clear only those that are different or ones that are effective. I hope that you will enjoy it!


Liquidity Pools

In allowing users to deposit their digital assets in pools and then trade tokens of the pool on the DEX(Decentralized Exchanges) these pools can provide the required liquidity to function.

Also you can donate a portion of your crypto-coins to the pool, and you will receive some of them in the course of time. It’s similar to depositing money in the bank. However the liquidity pools are typically providing much better rates, and they’re also working with the blockchain.

It could also be more beneficial since you’re investing in crypto simultaneously. You’re getting a percentage of crypto and, should it grow it will also earn you cash from it. However, cryptocurrencyis one of the most volatile areas and you need to be aware of the risks prior to making a decision to invest in a liquidity pool.

The most significant DEXright right now is the Uniswap. It’s one of the earliest ones to be released and runs using Ethereum. There are many other alternatives that work, including The PanckakeSwapCompound and many more.


Selling Templates

If you’re skilled with something or a skill, you can find numerous ways to make money from it. For example, you can sell digital goods within this particular industry, or through collaborations.

I’m an UX/UI design professional, so this is an excellent opportunity to transform my ideas into templates that users can download and use. I’m selling the designs on Gumroad and you are able to sell the templates there too.

My profile page, you’ll be able to view a range of digital items, including Figma Templates for Marketing Agencies and personal blogs, along with an online retail store. The prices range between 10 and $15, which is quite affordable for these products.

It is important to realize that this template is able to be purchased for a thousand times. It can also help others in this field to complete their work more quickly.

It is also possible to sell products similar to notion templates. If you’re not familiar, Notion is a unique software that will benefit anyone. It can be your own personal database, or a way to track your work. You can also attempt to make something by yourself and then make it available for sale!

You can make an inexpensive amount of cash from it. I’ve sold multiple templates at just $200 that’s not too bad. It is possible to make more sales, right all the way to $100,000.a month.

Content Creation

This may not be as original as it might seem, however I want to share it. The creation of content is in full swing in the present, and failing to take notice is a shame.

There are a myriad of social media platforms and sites where you can post your thoughts, and even monetize them. Medium is an excellent example of this that allows you to write about anything you want and watch how people respond to it. I’m doing this myself and am earning around $400 every month, completely by doing nothing!

If you’re not interested in writing, you can upload your videos on YouTube. Also, you can create TikToks about something interesting and original. It is also possible to start making podcasts. No matter which platform you’d like to develop There are plenty of ways to earn money.

My personal recommendation for you is not to begin with everything simultaneously. I’ve just started using Medium and is now looking to grow across other platforms, too. Do the same!


Faceless YouTube Channel

In reality, it’s a different kind that creates content. But, you don’t have to display your face or require knowledge to begin creating. With the help of modern technology you can automate the entire process of making YouTube videos and make cash from them completely in a passive manner.

The first step is to must choose a topic. You’ll require an original written script to your film. You could write it yourself or utilize a program similar to Rytr or Jarvis. These are the most affluent AI services to write and editing, and you can utilize them to write your text for you.

Once you’ve written an outline of the video, you’ll need add a voice over. It’s possible to make it yourself or utilize one of the services, like Murf. It will interpret your text as if it were a human being that is not a machine. It’s a fantastic alternative if you don’t own an excellent microphone or don’t want to utilize your voice.

The final step is to obtain the video in its entirety. You can visit Pixels and look for free videos you could use as background. There’s also an opportunity to automatize the process making use of AI. It’s known as Pictory.ai It’sand it is a simple collage of various videos that relate to the subject and enhances the look of your.

It is also possible to include subtitles as well as many other exciting features. It is essential to remember that, even if you wish to automate the entire process it is important to check every step manually. Sometimes, you’ll have to change a few paragraphs or alter your background image.

In essence, setting up an anonymous YouTube account and uploading regularly videos is an excellent method to earn money particularly since you can automatize the entire process, making it totally passive

Lo-Fi Beats

We all know what the lo-fi beats sound like. If not, it’s basically calming and relaxing music that doesn’t have any other words. The majority of people listen to it to relax and to concentrate more. Many developers are also using it since it’s cooler to work while listening to music.

This is one of my favorite topics and holds a lot of possibilities. As we know, there are a myriad of companies that provide the possibility of automation or other AI-related features.

Utilizing such services, one are able to create your own lo-fi tracks out of nothing. I’ve personally employed a program known as Avia HTML2which offers free access to the ability to download upto three times your songs.

Try it out and test it out. It produces not just low-fi beats, but also more complex genres of music. In the future, you could sell it on different marketplaces for music or upload it to the streaming service Spotify.

There’s no need to worry about what you decide to do using these music files in the future and you could make profit from them.



That’s it. Six most unique and intriguing sources of income passive you must definitely think about making. I’ve tried all the streams, and you can too. Each of them is functioning, so you must be paying more attention to at the very least one